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Nothing is better than getting your fly in the water on a crisp spring morning. The only thing that could improve such a stellar scenario is staying out in the water for longer periods of time. That's where the Tough Puff Pant comes in handy. Designed to be worn under your favorite waders, this insulated pant traps warmth to keep you out in the water for longer, even when they’re wet. Synthetic insulation traps plenty of heat without the added bulk to ensure they fit under your waders comfortably.


  • Insulated pants trap heat under your waders so you can fish for longer
  • Gusseted crotch offers great range of motion for increased mobility
  • Adjustable waist and low-profile make the pants wearable on their own
  • Capilene lining adds comfort and regulates moisture management
  • Partially recycled materials lay-up gives you peace of mind